Saturday, November 29, 2008

Long Time No Post

Its been over a month since my last post and a lot has happened.

My hubby and I arrived from our US trip last November 7. We had a blast --- most especially my hubby. It was his first time in the US so he was like a kid exploring new things and I am happy that we were able to explore this new adventure of his together. It was a long overdue honeymoon! We missed our dog (Chase) terribly! He is one of the main reasons why we felt homesick and wanted to go home already towards the end of our vacation. Hehe!

When I went back to work I was like floating --- hang over from that long vacation that I had (semi-work also). But after a week everything started to kick in. Now, I am so busy with all the projects that are assigned to me so this long weekend is something I was really looking forward to. think I just got back like two weeks ago. :-)

I've already started with my Xmas shopping just last weekend. Hopefully I can finish everything by next week. Have you guys started with your Xmas shopping? But you know what? Up to now I still cant feel the Xmas spirit. Does it come with age? Maybe! A friend of mine said maybe its because of all the gastos and Xmas is really for kids but I beg to disagree. Oh well...

Missed blogging...until my next blog! :-)