Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Do You Feel The Xmas Spirit?

Xmas is just around the corner but do you feel the Xmas spirit? For some reason I dont! Sad but true. All the Xmas decors are up, I can feel the cold breeze all through out the day, listening to Xmas songs, Xmas gifts under the tree...yes all that is evident in my day to day life. But somehow I still cant feel the Xmas spirit. Maybe its because of the current situation of our economy --- hard times or maybe its because of the personal struggles people close to me are going through. I dont know! It makes me think --- is Xmas really just for Children? I dont want to believe that though. It shouldn't be right? Because Xmas is for everybody. The funny thing is, its not only me who doesn't feel it. I have friends who feel the same way and even hubby. :-(

I hope this feeling will change when Xmas comes....

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Long Time No Post

Its been over a month since my last post and a lot has happened.

My hubby and I arrived from our US trip last November 7. We had a blast --- most especially my hubby. It was his first time in the US so he was like a kid exploring new things and I am happy that we were able to explore this new adventure of his together. It was a long overdue honeymoon! We missed our dog (Chase) terribly! He is one of the main reasons why we felt homesick and wanted to go home already towards the end of our vacation. Hehe!

When I went back to work I was like floating --- hang over from that long vacation that I had (semi-work also). But after a week everything started to kick in. Now, I am so busy with all the projects that are assigned to me so this long weekend is something I was really looking forward to. think I just got back like two weeks ago. :-)

I've already started with my Xmas shopping just last weekend. Hopefully I can finish everything by next week. Have you guys started with your Xmas shopping? But you know what? Up to now I still cant feel the Xmas spirit. Does it come with age? Maybe! A friend of mine said maybe its because of all the gastos and Xmas is really for kids but I beg to disagree. Oh well...

Missed blogging...until my next blog! :-)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I am thankful!!!

I am thankful because...

It was a long needed talk...until 5AM! There may be a lot going on right now --- but at the end of if all, it is still the both of us that will be helping each other. No matter what happens!

I am thankful because...

We were able to understand each other more, we were able to express ALL our thoughts and feelings without hesitation.

I am thankful because...

We have each other! :-) I thank God everyday for blessing me with someone like you!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sad and Happy News

I just finished having lunch and watched the news on Q-TV with my father in law. There were two news reports that struck my emotions.

The news report that made me sad --- A fetus was found in a box that was left by some lady who took the bus and got off along EDSA. The box was discovered by the bus driver and turned it over to the MMDA. I had a similar post about a fetus found somewhere months ago. This kind of news really makes me mad not sad! Here I am (and other women too) wanting to have a baby and some women opt to have theirs aborted. What is wrong with them? Dont they know how blessed they are? I can say so much about this issue but I just leave it up to God. For me abortion is really the WRONG way to go!!!

On the happier side, the news that made me smile, was a woman who gave birth to quadruplets. Aint that great? Though the babies are not in stable condition and the parents are worried on how they will raise their children given the financial status they are in. But despite that they are really happy with this blessing they received from God. :-) I am sure God will take care of them.

If you may notice issues or news about babies affects me in a big way...well this is basically the reason why I started blogging. Because I want to share with people every little step my husband and I are taking until the time comes we are blessed with our own angel.

So for those who are expecting or have kids thankful and you are all very blessed.

As my friends would say, when their kids were born, blessings just come unexpectedly. Children are truly a blessing and they are the future!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What Makes Me Happy? What Makes Me Sad?

I was tagged by Sheryll...thanks girl!

Start copy here:

Here are the Rules:
1. List things that makes you happy and what makes you sad.
2. Add your blog to the list. Feel free to add all your other blogs.
3. Tag other online friends you know...Toni, Jeng, Emz, Sheryll, Bunnie, YOU

What makes me happy?

1. My hubby!!! :-)
2. Being with family and friends
3. Our baby dog --- Chase!
4. Going to the parlor and a massage
5. Eating my favorite any of my favorite food --- like California Maki...yum!!!
6. Xmas and my bday

What makes me sad?

1. Fights with hubby or with anyone I love
2. Seeing people I love or not know sad
3. Street children
4. Calamity
5. Death

Cofee Break ver 1.35

This is my answer to Jan's coffee break...thanks Jan!

I am a strong believer in the power of prayer. In a persons life, each of us go through our own personal trials or struggles. But but how do we all deal with it? Again, we all have our own personal way of handling everything but I must say a common denominator is prayer. Whatever religion you believe in or you may have --- prayer is still the key to all our hardships.

After going through two miscarriages, it really tore me apart. I didnt know what to do or believe in. At the start I didnt understand why this was happening or what God was trying to convey. It was during my second miscarriage when I really felt broken --- such a heartbreaking experience for me at a certain point I just stopped praying. I'd have all these questions in my head and with my selfish ways --- I needed or demanded answers right away! One day after my D&C, I was at home resting, flowers were delievered to my house. It came from one of my best friends from college. The fowers were so colorful and bright, it really cheered me up. I will never forget that. This gesture made a big difference to what I was feeling at that time. Because of those flowers I realized how blessed I am. How lucky I am to have a very supportive husband, loving family and to have the best of the best of friends a girl could ever have. The same day I received the flowers, I started praying again. This time I wasnt praying to get pregnant again but for God to give me and Gin the strength to face the challenges that comes along with my difficulty in getting pregnant, the wisdom to understand all that has happened or will happen and of course forgiveness.

Months have passed and it was only recently that I understood what His reasons might be. This is because of the power of prayer. My belief and faith --- not to give up is what I am holding on to now. Everything happens for a reason. We may not get answers right away but in time He will make use understand eventually. He has bigger and better plans for us. We just have to be patient.

This is something I live by each day, "Do What You Can. Dont Give Up. Let God Surprise You." --- by Bo Sanchez Hope this is something all of you can also keep in mind. :-)

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Confused. This is the word that describes what I feel right now.

Priorities in life change when you get married...I know. Although sometimes there are certain things that you cannot ignore or not do but at the same time you need to think it over a number of times before you actually engage yourself in the act.

In life, you have a number of people that you hold close to your heart. How do you balance things when the time comes that a certain person or group needs your help? You know helping another person is something you are more than willing to do especially if it is a loved one. The question is, what are the boundaries? Given the fact that you have a different set of priorities because of the new life you have but you dont want to see them having a hard time or see them sad? Do I sound confused or what?

Yes, I need to think things over and from there determine if I can or I cannot...