Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Do You Feel The Xmas Spirit?

Xmas is just around the corner but do you feel the Xmas spirit? For some reason I dont! Sad but true. All the Xmas decors are up, I can feel the cold breeze all through out the day, listening to Xmas songs, Xmas gifts under the tree...yes all that is evident in my day to day life. But somehow I still cant feel the Xmas spirit. Maybe its because of the current situation of our economy --- hard times or maybe its because of the personal struggles people close to me are going through. I dont know! It makes me think --- is Xmas really just for Children? I dont want to believe that though. It shouldn't be right? Because Xmas is for everybody. The funny thing is, its not only me who doesn't feel it. I have friends who feel the same way and even hubby. :-(

I hope this feeling will change when Xmas comes....