Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sad and Happy News

I just finished having lunch and watched the news on Q-TV with my father in law. There were two news reports that struck my emotions.

The news report that made me sad --- A fetus was found in a box that was left by some lady who took the bus and got off along EDSA. The box was discovered by the bus driver and turned it over to the MMDA. I had a similar post about a fetus found somewhere months ago. This kind of news really makes me mad not sad! Here I am (and other women too) wanting to have a baby and some women opt to have theirs aborted. What is wrong with them? Dont they know how blessed they are? I can say so much about this issue but I just leave it up to God. For me abortion is really the WRONG way to go!!!

On the happier side, the news that made me smile, was a woman who gave birth to quadruplets. Aint that great? Though the babies are not in stable condition and the parents are worried on how they will raise their children given the financial status they are in. But despite that they are really happy with this blessing they received from God. :-) I am sure God will take care of them.

If you may notice issues or news about babies affects me in a big way...well this is basically the reason why I started blogging. Because I want to share with people every little step my husband and I are taking until the time comes we are blessed with our own angel.

So for those who are expecting or have kids thankful and you are all very blessed.

As my friends would say, when their kids were born, blessings just come unexpectedly. Children are truly a blessing and they are the future!

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