Thursday, September 4, 2008


Confused. This is the word that describes what I feel right now.

Priorities in life change when you get married...I know. Although sometimes there are certain things that you cannot ignore or not do but at the same time you need to think it over a number of times before you actually engage yourself in the act.

In life, you have a number of people that you hold close to your heart. How do you balance things when the time comes that a certain person or group needs your help? You know helping another person is something you are more than willing to do especially if it is a loved one. The question is, what are the boundaries? Given the fact that you have a different set of priorities because of the new life you have but you dont want to see them having a hard time or see them sad? Do I sound confused or what?

Yes, I need to think things over and from there determine if I can or I cannot...

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